Editorial Services

Proof Reading

Did you spot that error? Proof readers are champions of detailed observation and spotting what’s there (or not there) and rising above the human tendency to “see what you expect to see” and rather seeing what is really there… And which maybe should not be! Missing or extra words, wrong punctuation, inconsistent formatting and many other things can mar your work.

Copy Editing

You have worked hard to research carefully and prepare your writing. You have asked colleagues or a family member to review it, and it’s now nicely polished—or is it? Don’t let your carefully generated prose into the public arena, or any other arena for that matter, without first having it professionally checked for accuracy of grammar, good style, consistency of formatting and general presentation quality.

Developmental Editing

You tore up the script. It had seemed such a great idea. You tried another approach but it still didn’t seem right. Other people encouraged you, but it didn’t seem possible to pinpoint where the problem lay… Was it the plot? Was an argument not strong enough? Did something seem lopsided?


Is your dream job being advertised? Are you in competition with scores of other similarly qualified and experienced people for the position? You’re smart, and you know you could do the job very well, but does your résumé communicate it the best way possible?


You have the content in your head and in your heart, but how do you get it out to where it really needs to be? Maybe you need a ghost-writer. We can help you…

Website Text

A website can be nicely designed, but then something goes wrong with the text input. A gentle editorial touch can work wonders for your website…

When you blog…

You keep in contact with the world regularly, and you have many people subscribing to your updates. But are you getting the grammar right? Is your writing as succinct as it could be? Would a little editorial checking and development be helpful?