Fit for the Master

Producing another book for John Lehman involved breaking some new ground. John had a graphic artist in mind to do the cover and also the graphics used inside the book. Beautifully produced as a 144 hardback, it covers several matters to do with health and fitness. The contents page below gives a sense of how much of a practical book this proved to be:


1 Glorious Creator; Wonderful Creation
(Thinking about your place in God’s universe)
2 Health, and a Healthy Self-Image (Enjoying being the “you” that God intends you to be)
3 You Don’t Have to Over-Strain!
(Understanding the place of exercise)
4 Exercise Guidelines (Developing a practical strategy that suits you)
5 Food for Thought (Getting your nutrition the way it should be)
6 Digest This! (Considering what happens to your food after you have swallowed it
7 Rest, Relaxation and Sleep (Improving your efficiencies through wise sleep strategies)
8 Blessed Are the Balanced (Maintaining body-soul equilibrium)
9 Go On . . . Just Do it! (Putting the principles into practice)
Appendix A Exercise Program
Appendix B Checklist and Other Practical Stuff

Working with John involved considering matters such as how to break his writing into manageable and natural sections, finding chapter titles and subheadings, and coordinating the graphic elements to be used in the back of the book, as well as the charts that were included.

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