How Do You Charge?

Our service is negotiated. When we first see a project, we like to discuss the matter with you, get a good sense of what your needs are, and then propose some scenarios on how we think we might work together. We are open either to an hourly rate or a per-project rate. We will only feel happy when we know you feel comfortable with whatever approach we determine.

What Level of Service Do You Give?

It depends on your needs. If you consider that it is just a basic “tune-up” to your material that is needed, that’s what we’ll do; however, if you think you need help in developing the material, we’ll make suggestions and find a good way forward.

Are You Flexible in Your Approach?

We like to think so! We like to be as flexible as your needs might require.

What If I Don’t Like the Way You Develop My Writing?

We’ll never try to force an issue. We like to work in bite-sized chunks, and, especially in the early phases of a project, we will consult carefully with you, being sure that we all stay “on the same page.”

What Is Your Approach to Working Remotely?

We love the creative flexibility of the Internet. Even if you are more than a thousand miles away, there is so much we can do without even meeting face-to-face! We can share documents, mark them up, track changes, exchange PDFs, hold Skype discussions, and all at hardly any cost!

What Are Your Standards?

We usually work to the Chicago Standards. However, we do have experience in UK English standards if this is what you prefer.